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A Beached Whale, a Sleeping Snake

"Annabelle - HD video still" T here is what gets seen in art and what audiences don’t know about the process it took to get there. There are essential processes and they are different for each artist. People see the end result but don’t know what the journey to that point was, though they may sense it. What is always aimed for is the opening flower coming from points of madness to sanity, whilst still communicating the madness. The pathways aiming towards that can be vastly different, effortless and blissful or torturous and scarring, this work isn’t finished, the questions are still out there. We tried to make fabric out of the ephemera but it was like the trust of holding a snake, trying not to get bitten. This is the sixth development of At the End of the Land (Too Close to the Sun), a complex beastly work of spirit photography, holography, and performance of dreams in a state of seance. Sound, image, text, object... all varying states of illusion. Spare Parts Puppet The

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