SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2021 - Wesley Enoch's final Sydney Festival. I had the privilege of working with dancer, Jasmin Sheppard on her biographic piece with Kaine Sultan Babij. Both have extensive history with Bangarra and are now forging their own choreographic languages with other multi-media; evocative voice overs, highly detailed props and video projection. We transformed Campbelltown Art Centre's open stage into a greyed-out, projection scrimmed environment for the sake of bringing the focus right in to a sensitive listening and watching of personal stories told abstractly through sound, movement and image. It was a three projector setup; one for the lyrebird costume, one for the floor and one cyclorama. With incredible sound design by Naretha Williams and light by Karen Norris this was an excellent team to bring about the required alchemy to evoke the deep sense of home-longing and re-finding oneself through the mirages of every day illusions.

Sydney Festival, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 19-23rd Jan 2021