New Realities: Media performance and VR

De Quincey Co: Para Parra 2020

Though it seems like hardly any live performance has been made in 2020, it has been one of the busiest in contingency planning and re-modelling. Strategising new funding platforms for live events, engaging with ways live acts are digitally perceived - rethinking virtual presences and how they can be equivalent to live energy, how they can become pushed out of necessity into online art platforms. Digital art space has jumped from conceptual practice to something necessary. The attention span is shorter, the spectacle expectation is higher, and the fluency of virtual, video/audiographic space has instantly become the norm. Though the sense is people are longing to go back to visceral experiences.

DE QUINCEY CO: PARA PARRA a digital video performance work based at the Parramatta Female Factory unearthing its traumatic histories. Artists: Tess De Quincey, Linda Luke, Victoria Hunt, Martin Fox, Sian James-Holland, Samuel James, Ben Carey, Sonja Holowell, Melanie Liertz.

KANTANKA CREATIVE: NEW REALITIES - PANDEMIC AND PERFORMANCE seven new 360VR works made with 7 artists; Alan Schacher, WeiZen Ho, Latai Funaki Taumoepeau and Brian Fuata, Katia Molino, Alissar Chidiac, Rajan Velu, Rakini Devi. Directed by Carlos Gomes, VR by Samuel James, sound by Gail Priest. Blacktown Arts Centre

Alan Schacher: New Realities 2020