The State of Fleeing

PANIC EMBRACE, made for BLIK BLIK 2020 festival in the Czech Republic metamorphosed into a 360VR work during the lockdown (see link below) after a successful installation in DEPO2015 Pilsen.  It was made by projecting onto a collection of eight suspended frames of disassembled pieces of clothing in a 10 metre wide array to increase dimensional perception of each item being affected by the superimposition of chaotic, monochromatic drawings.

The drawings were made with the sense of waking and sleeping brain cycles and repatriation, like a person passing through life threatening experiences, possibly dying or being transformed and coming out the other side. They are made in the liminal state of brief hesitation, realising one's life is at stake. From the initial RFS command during the bushfires in NSW "stay and fight or leave now", seeing people driving through walls of flames bleeding into a global Coronavirus pandemic, suddenly everyone is faced with mortality, not just refugees and those fleeing terror.

360VR Link (best interactivity on iPhone or iPad)
Supported by Create NSW, DEPO2015 and Blik Blik Festival 2020
Realtime Arts Review 2020

"Death is a ceremony in which one takes off one pair of clothes and adopts a new one.    
The ego sees death as suffering and the soul sees death as the awakening... of a new perception. " - Ram Dass