SKATE at Barangaroo

A collaboration with Big hArt, Australia's large scale, nomadic community arts company, to insert skate culture into the Barangaroo Arts Precinct in Sydney. A hotspot for general audiences, especially around Vivid Sydney, this event has been balanced by indigenous recognition through projects such as Wellama, (meaning 'to come back') a large outdoor audio visual work set in this location described as 'ground zero' for European invasion.  For the skate community it is a cross wiring of the sophisticated underground culture with the most corporate end of town and an opportunity to fertilise other similar sponsored events around the world such as the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
This is a mock-up set with a 3 projector immersive coverage on the floor, ramps and walls and utilises infra red motion tracking (Jordan East), motion graphics (Benjamin Ducroz) and environmental thematics by myself.  All audio is triggered from the space though skateboards, ramps and rails. Sound also triggers lighting and video effects. Every event is presented differently and is prepared with minimal tech time in darkness and to the best of our ability, vj'd on the fly.

At the Cutaway, Barangaroo May-July 2019

iPhone footage of Activation #6