Low Lux Czech Republic

Friends of Oneself (4K video still 2018)
DEPO2015, Pilsen Artist in Residence, Czech Republic. A one month submersion into heavy materials and distorted ideas, manifested by traces of videographic light residues forming patterns of an autistic pathos. Foreign dissolution, entropy sunken in deep salty voices, an autumn blend of cubist chimney stacks and melting electrical currents. Nightmarish awakenings interleaved by light pollution, old lamps buzzing and flickering, cutting fluorescent orange shafts through my kitchen window: lead decays Into water then washes over a not-real sleep. Waking pushes through grey smears of handmade glass light, entering the digital low-lux where colour becomes a soft solid of living noise. In the centre is the individual, drawing out essential paths. Development of Video Drawings, single channel screening and artist talk 23rd November 2015, Klempirna DEPO2015 Air, Pilsen 
Detention Protest (4K video still 2018)