A second music video for Ensemble Offspring's Offspring Bites with Bree Van Reyk. This piece attempts to depict the pre-cognitive state of a child in utero, seeing “light for the first time”.  The stages of being before self-reflexivity,  perceiving colours and movement as a unified (non-Cartesian) experience, perhaps ultimately phenomenological without distinction of one's own body from the stimuli, pure, sensory immersion. I worked on developing stages of cognition after the very first optical receptions, proposing that once we see, we then start to perceive, and sense becomes ‘feeling’.  Made only with a Leica M digital camera, physical lens distortions and real time movement. I have known Bree from Synergy Percussion (Earth Cry and 40 under 40) as a down to earth collaborator and composer. This is probably the most subtle and sensitive piece I have made, thanks to Bree.