My first project with Legs on the Wall is a big one: Man with the Iron Neck, a project about indigenous suicide, developed over 2 years in four stages. The projections are split over an 18m x 5m curved projection cyclorama in 4K, using shadow acting, aerial choreography and puppetry, drone footage, photographic collage and water animation.  The collaboration with set designer Joey Ruigrok van der Verven incorporates a 7 metre gum tree and a flying hills hoist which is used to propel aerial performers from and adding dynamic three dimensionality to the space.  It is a complete theatre work written by Ursula Yovich based on a concept by co-director, Josh Bond who has been working on the idea for over four years.  It is fantastic to be working on something well supported and developed - I had eight weeks to make the projections, with extra time on the tour for technical installation and adjustments.  It is a great example of theatre that brings all the elements together, including hyper visual choreography by Gavin Robins and exquisite lighting by Matt Marshall.

Brisbane Festival, Powerhouse Theatre, 22-28 October 2018
Sydney and Adelaide Festival 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgTZDQVn7Fg
Review: https://theconversation.com/man-with-the-iron-neck-is-gripping-confronting-physical-theatre-103994