The Obscene Madame D

This labyrinthine work is based on the book The Obscene Madame D by Brazilian author Hilda Hilst and adapted by Carlos Gomes (Theatre Kantanka) performed by Katia Molino. Madame D stands in the centre of an audience and fragments outwards in projections on broken walls. We are one moment inside her body, then with her hiding under the stairs, then in a caffeine induced reverie of her dead husband, scenes being led by his voice inside her head. The memory simulacra is implanted into our heads via headphones (binaural audio recordings by Gail Priest). A meta-performance shifting between her introverted presence underneath tables and behind curtains and chaotic aggression behind nightmare masks, the performance is delivered in the round, making us question how much we exist in-and-to the world, when we are consumed by loneliness and insanity. Animated Projections and video shadow play in collaboration with Carlos Gomes.

Parramatta Riverside Lennox Theatre 16-22nd April
107 Projects, Redfern 21-27th May