Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sydney Festival

The Bear is nature and the Mayor is the disruptor, attempting to satiate a city of progress at the expense of the planet.  The Pied Piper remake by My Darling Patricia visions the piper as a bear who seems to be made of leaves.  The space is constructed with backlit, white strips of polyester into which I'm projecting forest landscape elements and variations on the spells of the revolutionary dance crusader performed by Ghenoa Gela.  In twenty scenes we are taken from the pure mystery of bushland to an industrial city made of puffy dough.  Most of the story is told as a psychological imaginary in which children (through wireless headphones) are privvy to the secrets of this bear of nature and the adults can only watch as their children play happily in the world which they have forgotten.

Sydney Festival, January 9th-19th 2013, CARRIAGEWORKS Bay 20

Monday, October 21, 2013

Appearance Picnic

Live feed video improvisation for the first time since Improlab 2007 with Tess De Quincey - this time with Nikki Heywood, Kirk Page and Mark Cauvin.  We are led by Nikki into the melancholic caves of Lascaux rock art. Three weeks of expressionist drawing on paper and throwing various found materials into the light of a desk lamp turned the intitial investigation of 'Camera-as-Animal' away from the primal into a live comedy film.  The aesthetic also has a thick, ambiguous dose of Quay Brothers - tiny flickering hairs twitching life into the minutiae, the seemingly nothing having to suddenly become something, finding itself awkwardly on screen.  I also imitated an analogue live-drawn Kinnect camera effect where I traced into place the presence of the performers and the effects they emitted on the space.

some video documentation

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landscape travelling virtually

From Broken Hill to Cairns to Broome, sometimes an art remanifestation, sometimes pure observational research documentary I am participating in the see-saw awareness of the environment that surrounds us. FROM THE RAINFOREST MIND TO THE DESERT MIND was screened back in their places of origin, carrying virtual environments into displacement, rainforest in the desert and desert in the rainforest.  Now heading to Broome for 3 weeks of filming with Marrugeku Theatre making a performance documentary with indigenous performers called LISTENING TO COUNTRY, all windows and doors open, working on dance, visual and choreographic representation and the presence of spirits that inform the land.

TANKS ARTS CENTRE installation

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Falling Woman

Falling Woman - a residency at Bundanon, NSW with Alice Osborne and My Darling Patricia, utilising the evocative environments around Bundanon to build several vignettes of a woman's struggle in the face of her 'witness' (Regina Heilmann).  They battle with swords, dine on molasses on cliff tops, stone soup in a still river and scream wire and gold silk at each other.  The woman (Alice Osborne) is trying to release herself from a disturbing nightmare of three legged chairs with which she has developed a personal traumatic choreography.  Through these difficult scenarios she gradually reaches her own strength and release.  Many dawn and dusk shoots, aching arms from carrying gear through the bush and assembling and reassembling studio backdrops for studio animation.  These powerfully performed images became suprisingly delicate to assemble in the rough edit.  This will probably be a silent film for screening at Underbelly, Cockatoo Island 2013.

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