Saturday, November 05, 2011


After five months out in Minto, this is a new work about the secret lives of shopkeepers and the sacrifice of putting a life on hold to achieve material goals.  It is a video research process of digital reformation and simulation, an alchemy in search of psycho-electronic jewels.  Vacant shops in Minto's Mall were shot and recomposited, objects within the spaces were animated to generate new life forms and performers responded to the shops themselves and the imaginary lives that may once have inhabited them. It looks at the fractalisation of the physical world and the boundaries and doors to its metaphysical layers.  Five shops, five performers and five screens installed in the Minto Mall Post Office gallery with performers Julie Vulcan, Jeff Stein, Teik Kim Pok, Julie-Anne Long, Clare Britton and sound Gail Priest.

Supported by Campbelltown Arts Centre's Artist Initiates Residency Commission
10th-19th Nov, Mon-Sat 11am-3pm  Shop 51 Minto Mall, Pembroke Rd, Minto.