Saturday, July 10, 2010

Broome: BURU

A new work by Marrugeku, its great to be doing projections about the  landscape and the six seasons, with the spiritual presence of the 'Boss Lizards', the most powerful creatures in the Western Kimberley.  Of course I could devote a lifetime to understanding all the Aboriginal dreamtime stories here and I still wouldn't know enough, but Marrugeku seems to be forging a new path for performance in the Broome area.  Goolari TV is a big inspiration, artistic animations and short films from the community are made with very open access to training and equipment so the culture there is very direct; straight from the artist via Goolari TV, film and video art is immediately embedded in the community culture.  This image is of a mozzie in Mangala, the hot, wet time of the year.  On from 8th October, 2010.