Thursday, July 02, 2009

VIVARIA - Berlin residency @ GlogauAIR

Getting close to the end of editing this labyrinthine project...'VIVARIA' on the residency in Kreuzberg. Its five weeks time-out to work on the post production of a four screen video installation to be watched from the centre. It has a feature film's worth of compositing in it.., at the moment in Berlin its better to be outside and riding a bike.

- Working in 1080p with 1280x720p h.264, distorted 1024x768 mjpeg and deinterlaced 1080i HDV. Sometimes this makes an entire timeline go black after rendering. But the 1080p gives a nice crisp, animated stutter on speed adjusted clips.

- Wow the days are slipping by, not sure how to fit in the coffees and beers. Stuck doing manual rotoscoping, 2000 manual keyframes in a 1.5 minute video clip, 2 days just to do that...

- The complexity of editing 4 channel video should not be underestimated. That is, the relation between one edit and another in a single channel, multiplied by the relations between each of those in another three channels (linearly), multiplied by the relations between the corresponding events between each channel (spatially).