Saturday, December 30, 2006


a work in progress with dancer Kathy Cogill that has documented her as a performer, getting pregnant and performing with her baby, Clara. Kathy has been dressed as Wonder Woman for two years, and this is another patchwork docu/drama assembling scraps of video memory into fiction. Desconacida means 'unknown'....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

strange eyes

Experimental filmmaking seems like its only referred to as a formalist category of film, something that only relates to the material of film. So few people are looking for a way of communicating images of different qualities seen in a sequence over time that transcends narrative language. It is higher and lower than narrative at the same time. It is like intuition versus thinking. The camera can be used to look at what is below the surface. Turn the camera on without setting it and focussing it. It is a mode of seeing, by being fixed in its mechanics, that enables our perception to stretch and seek. As in individuals that are in trouble or insane, the frame is not lined up or focussed, but it is still the frame of reference. The art of experimentation is to give value to the world outside the conventional mode of expectation.
Improvised video cameras give us a shifting perception of the room we are all in. We see something abstract and then may realise that it is simply part of something familiar. But that is not the total aim, familiarity. Familiarity is when the mind stops seeking for itself, the soul is not stimulated, it dies.