Brisbane to Banff

video still: Bluebird Mechanicals

Micro projections of a dream logic, spatially with multiple projection stations and with a Lynchian attention to the subliminal.  Scenography bleeding from one space into another, 5 characters' spaces each interleaving the other.  This is the non-linear logic of Talya Rubin's Bluebird Mechanicals, staged at the Eric Harvey Theatre at the Banff Centre, Canada.  Living at the Banff Centre is a protective bubble at the end of Winter, life is nearly all indoors apart from the occasional bridge crossing and lift incursion; this is a place of harsh mountains, wild animals and dreams.  Humans become submerged in the imaginary, the physical seems apart from the body.  This is in stark contrast to presenting the sweaty pop stories of Cambodian Space Project 36 hours before at the Australian Performing Arts Market in Brisbane's sweltering heat.  There is nothing stranger than reality.
Talya Rubin: Russian Woman
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