Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ARTELES: Drawing in the Dark

Cupboard Building
A month of blissful video etching at Arteles Residency, Finland. I made Series 2 of video light drawings based on phenomena of the place: “Momen”. Standing outside in the night, tracing a kind of blind, sensorial trance with a small led light. Drawing without seeing what is being drawn allows one to be taken into other senses outside the visual and further into the unconscious memory of events.  Only later after the processing do these non-representational impressions materialise like light sensitive paper revealing traces in a photographic darkroom. These line impressions are then reprojected back onto the various spaces which inspired them.  They indicate the affect of seeing and re-seeing but are also another phenomena delayed in time. This drawing in the dark allows for non-visual phenomenology to influence mark making like a child etching something into the void without seeing or knowing it. 
(1st-30th September 2015)
Bike Rides Haukijärvi

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