..translating the film version which we did in early 2013 to a live performance at Performance Space presented a series of new ideas.  Thinking of turning the original filmic structures to a spatial structure, the audience moves episodically through four zones, using the space like a thoroughfare of the Falling Woman’s body. After being congested in an antechamber, the audience moves jury-like into a traverse space and observe objectively the Falling Woman’s journey.  She is drawn from dysfunctional three-legged chair choreography by the spells of a matriachal witness (Regina Heilmann) and is seduced and educated on the trials of womanhood.  Multi-level, mobile staging allowed for status play, a large net of chairs fell from the ceiling and was dragged out of the space, the extraction of a malignant presence.

performers: Alice Osborne and Regina Heilmann
conceived by Alice Osborne and Halcyon Macleod
production design and projections: Samuel James
live music and composition: Phil Downing

(the film version from 2013) https://vimeo.com/71620746
Carriageworks, Sydney 25-29th November 2014