From development to the final show Hiding in Plain Sight has evolved from imagery evoking hidden parallel universes to graphics about complex, binary relations.
Between the initial opposing sides of two dancers in the screen we follow their trajectories in apparent synchronous time.  Two dancers start with the same objective but their pathways permutate so that after a short time the modes of the dancers appear very far apart.  At first they are almost mirroring each other but end up in totally different places. This projection deals with the intersection of those trajectories if considered straight lines, wobbly lines, plateaus and amorphous three dimensional atmospheres blending into each other.  They use bridges, windows and photographic memories to try to make contact with each other, relationships are a matrix..
(Using one 6k projector with 0.8x lens onto white floor)

Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney
August 21-30th 8pm
Choreographer: Narelle Benjamin
Dancers: Kristina Chan, Sara Black
Sound: Huey Benjamin