Monday, March 17, 2014


Definitely the widest projections I've done, these are 4K sequences split across three screens, animated in final cut and mixed in Resolume using the DXV codec. Half of the material is made with single dot/pixel/square animations with up to 180 layers. This show is a narrative story depicting a man living vicariously through a video game.  He uses four avatars in his search for love and his deceased parents.  The work focusses on the talents of three Lismore artists with intellectual disabilities, Zac, Lydian and Matt from experimental midi band Tralalablip (  The projections are drawing on imagery from the Northern Rivers NSW area, mixed with a touch of fantasy and the pixellized compositing of where domestic space meets imaginary space.  The forces of nature in the pixel animations act as guides for the lost characters in the form of wind creating cross fertilisation, a bird leading them to sanctuary and the particles of nature breaking up into punk dance. Also performed by Randolf Reimann, Claudie Frock and Phoebe Kate Rose from Lismore NSW and directed by Rosie Dennis, co-produced by Urban Theatre Projects and NORPA.

NORPA, Lismore 27-29th March
UTP, Bankstown Arts Centre 10-12th April
some projection samples