Appearance Picnic

Live feed video improvisation for the first time since Improlab 2007 with Tess De Quincey - this time with Nikki Heywood, Kirk Page and Mark Cauvin.  We are led by Nikki into the melancholic caves of Lascaux rock art. Three weeks of expressionist drawing on paper and throwing various found materials into the light of a desk lamp turned the intitial investigation of 'Camera-as-Animal' away from the primal into a live comedy film.  The aesthetic also has a thick, ambiguous dose of Quay Brothers - tiny flickering hairs twitching life into the minutiae, the seemingly nothing having to suddenly become something, finding itself awkwardly on screen.  I also imitated an analogue live-drawn Kinnect camera effect where I traced into place the presence of the performers and the effects they emitted on the space.

some video documentation