Saturday, February 16, 2013

Falling Woman

Falling Woman - a residency at Bundanon, NSW with Alice Osborne and My Darling Patricia, utilising the evocative environments around Bundanon to build several vignettes of a woman's struggle in the face of her 'witness' (Regina Heilmann).  They battle with swords, dine on molasses on cliff tops, stone soup in a still river and scream wire and gold silk at each other.  The woman (Alice Osborne) is trying to release herself from a disturbing nightmare of three legged chairs with which she has developed a personal traumatic choreography.  Through these difficult scenarios she gradually reaches her own strength and release.  Many dawn and dusk shoots, aching arms from carrying gear through the bush and assembling and reassembling studio backdrops for studio animation.  These powerfully performed images became suprisingly delicate to assemble in the rough edit.  This will probably be a silent film for screening at Underbelly, Cockatoo Island 2013.

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