Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Darkroom 2

After a remount of In Glass at Melbourne's Dance Massive we went straight in to a triptych version of The Darkroom, choreographed by Narelle Benjamin.  Previously worked with the Australian Ballet on the theme of a life cut short, this version adds another two components; a kind of pre-birth and afterlife.  The pre-birth section is filmed through a crystal ball and is a choreography of spheres and what lies within their bubbles, and afterlife is a prismatic Euclidiean play on what we can perceive, what is retained from life and from which direction we are looking.  It is also an epigram of the monolithic constructions we choose to represent our transitory place in the world.

"Forseen" Parramatta Riverside Theatre - 6-9th April
Bangarra Theatre 15-16th April 2011
The Darkroom (Narelle Benjamin)
and Debris (Frances Rings)
Projections Sam James, Sound Huey Benjamin/ Chris Abrahams, Lighting Karen Norris