Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nargun and the Stars

This is LARGE scale, scary puppetry from the mind of Scott Wright (Erth) co-directed by Wesley Enoch. Eye scorching, heavy duty, saturated imagery will be buffeting the scrims and textured cyc's - there will be screams of terror. For ages 8 and up. I've been working with triple layered composite mattes cut out of photographs from the Hunter Valley. Monstrous rocks, terrifying trees, spirits, dreams, night storms and supernatural swamps... puff, puff. Motion particle generators, luma keyed puppet multiples, filmed shadow puppetry, explosions, real videoed particle transtions... 9 weeks of intense making cut in as much detail as I have time to motion track it all. Some of the masked landscapes have come out similar to Sydney Long's paintings of opiate and impressionistic spirit dreams. The pain of this show is the 56,000 hours to program and prepare video for Qlab.
SYDNEY FESTIVAL, Riverside Theatre 15-21 Jan, 2009