A minimal and transformative work by Tess De Quincey with dancers, Linda Luke, Lizzie Thompson, Victoria Hunt and Peter Fraser. Simple for me was simple, objective, working with Tess' video shoots of trees in wind, water near her house and Robin Fox's oscilliscope, using the feeds of Chris Abraham's sound. A very collaborative cross-over, intersection of three states, air, electricity and water... three screens with diffusion cloth repositioned in three formations in the round. The av component was based on using remote, mobile projectors with mac minis cued by Qlab and Quartz Composer and three down projectors in the rig. We almost had independent power on the mobile projectors too but inverters would have been too big, powering large 6000 Lumens projectors. All in the essence of the elemental footage, my editing was sparse and manipulation practically non-existant. Tess' selfless shooting eye already showed what needed to be seen.
Performance Space @ Carriageworks 6th -16th Nov 2008