Friday, October 26, 2007


This is a new work directed and performed by Deborah Pollard and three firemen. It traces memories of the Canberra Bushfires in 2003 pivoting on a live overhead camera projection of the floor plan of Deborah's family home which was destroyed. The voice overs of her family members articulate the vivid detail of the moment but we show little of the actual event in images. There are two strands of imaging the event, the cold, technicality of re-drawing the house plan in live camera and a subconscious projection of a masculine principle and its relation to trauma and grief. This is embodied by a life size model of a horse, the three yellow clad, anonymous firemen and the projections of doorways and windows leading into forests, the doorway into the heart and guts of the horse and the parallel of the suburban and the wilderness meeting in tragedy. I'm looking forward to a 3 day break at the end of 12 weeks constant work.

Performance Space @ Carriageworks
26th Oct - 4th Nov 2007