Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The dance film, Pod with Narelle Benjamin and Sydney Dance Company is nearly finished almost a year after it was first shot at the Wharf. We have been juggling a series of graphic templates of nature to demonstrate the transformation of a body through seasonal and environmental change. The Sydney Dance Company dancers are transformed into elements of a microscopic world born from water and evolve through physical and chemical interaction with natural environments and forms.
Choreography and Concept Narelle Benjamin
Videography, Editing, Compositing and Online Effects Samuel James
'New Moon' Composed and Performed by Melisande Wright
Sound Design Huey Benjamin
Produced by Huey Benjamin
Screened: VideoDansa Barcelona 2007, Dança em Foco Rio de Janiero 2007, Cinedans Amsterdam, POOL 07 Tansfilm Wetbewerb Berlin