Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Listening Project

If we think of ourselves as trees, we would generally behave better towards each other. Without the faculty of sight the botanical world grows and lives alongside us with an unheard voice. Annette Tesoriero directs the multi-dimensional performance of ten participants over the age of 60 in a work centred on listening and allowing space for acoustic relations with ourselves and each other.  The character of a variety of trees in the Shoalhaven River area metaphorically held this knowing silence. Some participants had a favourite tree, some had a favourite forest to walk in and others used trees to remember, or to gift as new beginnings.  The associative environment and the uniqueness of the human mind amongst its labyrinth was a joy to project, with pre-made films 7 metres high on a square format cyclorama, to observe the rhythmic visual forms interrelating with performers' brief vignettes of voice and simple movement.

Produced by Bundanon Trust

Friday, May 04, 2018

The Sound of Waiting

photo credit: Phil Erbacher
Heavy material, performed with unrelenting emotion, the Sound of Waiting was a poignant, magic-realist work on refugee experience, evoking the terror of homeland and the battle against the odds on a fatal approach to Australia. Written by Mary-Anne Butler and directed by Suzanne Periera this work explored  the strength of the will to survive and how far the human spirit will extend when there is no alternative option. It was a privilege to be part of a work of such political importance which reached large audiences with great reviews.  It was my first endeavour with Darlinghurst Theatre in their process of intense psychological questioning of the line between the actor and reality particularly for lead actor and child refugee, Reza Momenzada.
The projection design was a single front projection onto a semi-circular, retracting tule curtain with floating panels of grey gauze behind.

Darlinghurst Theatre, Eternity Playhouse
31st March - 22nd April 2018