Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Detone/Retune - Ensemble Offspring video

After a few weeks of compositing process, reassembling abstract photographic elements from unidentified places to Juan Felipe Waller's persuasive composition Detone/Retune in different combinations, different quantities, with varying velocity and density the string of sonic episodes have become a space in themselves without need for interrelation or context. A certain amount, moving at what speed, at what point in time and in what proportional relationship to its neighbouring elements, recurs, familiar, a language. Complimentarily, in image, each element is not actual but an image simulating an element in combination with sounds, simulated movements built in a composition like a waiting residual sea, waves rising debris to the surface, but halting before surface emergence. Juan Felipe Waller's composition set was a video-generative task for me not unlike a 2D board game performed by Sydney's Ensemble Offspring. It was evidence of sound art defying commodifiable emergent value leaving the percussive musicians an opportunity for a rearrangement of the pure object of sounds. Non-hierarchical, non-narrative music: an exercise in resistance..
Launch soon:

Articulate and SNO Galleries

After a tour with Back to Back Theatre to Vienna/Amsterdam and a detour to Budapest - the return to Australia and its bigotry - oh the disappointment, yet reason to protest.  At Articulate Space Leichhardt as part of De Quincey Company's installation performance event PLATFORM 2017  and SNO Gallery I showed some light tracing works which re-traced memories of the Terror Museum in Budapest and an opening night in Vienna followed by the state of mind returning to Australia: forward work, intersected by destabilising compromise resulting in a backwards trajectory. 

Articulate Space - Practicing Liberty to then Be Jailed/Classless Denial of Rights and Giving Refuge/Giving Asylum HD video loop 17 mins

S.N.O. Gallery Marrickville - Social Confluence Vienna/Progression Diversion Regression HD video loop 9.26 min.  15th-26th July 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017


With Back to Back Theatre we made the almost 30th interation of the Democratic Set film at Festival Tweetakt, Holland. So many cyclists but only one made it into the 15 second-of-fame box. 20 refugee children, one ballerina, one security guard, one hamster, several clog dancers, a knitting circle, some coloured oil projectors, the Mayor of Utrecht and a Gypsy band all made it into the film. New 'Dem Set' techniques were a newly automated camera track, live iPhone feed, and taking the back off the box exposing the beautifully festooned glasshouse in the middle of the Tweetakt hub. With great help from the Tweetakt crew this took 1 day to set up, 2 days to film and 2 days to edit. The edit on day 2 found a new beginning and several other links which focussed on the complexities of Utrecht's contemporary cultures set against the traditional.
Screened in six different venues in the festival.  What a joy to make a film in 5 days in a city of intelligence and compassion.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

CHAMPIONS - Sydney Festival

A relatively shadowless production made in the gleam of professional sport training choreographed by Martin del Amo, Champions for Sydney Festival 2017 was a physical display of hypnotic, methodical pattern sequencing and the spectatorship of this repetition to the ends of physical exhaustion. Working with twelve of NSW's best independent female dancers, there was a wholistic experimentation with the choreography of sport and its core strategies shared with dance. The video projection displays a mediation and heroicism of the sports star/elite dancer whilst Del Amo's choreography studies, circumvents and implements a permutative and randomising structure which moments later collapses into improvisation. 

Sydney Festival, Carriageworks (Bay 17), 16-21st January 2017