Friday, January 30, 2015

SíM Residency Reykjavik

'what happens outside, happens inside'
Reykjavik residency at SíM Seljavagur: warm video lines in ice, the inability to determine distance and scale because of extremely fine tonal ranges of snow, the human body is a warm, cocooned point of view through slits into the blue monotone fields.  You can be walking on ground which is normally liquid or on rocks in layers of indeterminate folds.  Snow fills the gaps of everything with variations of what can be considered solid.  Walking through these fields is both dense and vapid at the same time, Cartesian planes cease to exist the only passage is an indeterminate and continuously fluxing, sensorial engagement.
16 video light drawings on various spaces, situations and events, presented in a lightbox.

Interminable Present:
video series (as part of Encryption Keys 2011-15) 
SíM House - FRAMES 28-30 Jan 2015
with: Lona Hansen (Norway), Eeva-Liisa Puhakka (Finland), Samuel James (Australia), Yumi Chung (South Korea), Jacobus Capone (Australia), Michael Bennett (England), Linsey Walker (Australia)
- installation view