Sunday, December 14, 2014


We have been working on a long format, multi channel video project in the Shoalhaven Region, west of Nowra, NSW with mental health and intellectual disability participants from the area.  We have developed the project over six stages in the last year, staying at Bundanon’s Boyd Education Centre, meeting people and producing movement based art films that will be expressive of their personal lives and issues they face.  These psychological portraits are predictions of what the future may hold for them.  Articulating this through film seems to help develop a sense of taking control of one’s destiny through recorded enactment.  Most participants are filmed on blue screen which helps to transpose subconscious dream elements into a visual narrative.  This is done sensitively and intuitively and has been a great way to research a community living in close proximity to Bundanon’s natural and rural environments.  (This work is now on at the Shaolhaven Arts Centre, Nowra April 2016)

Filmmaker: Samuel James
Choreographer: Philip Channells 
Bundanon Trust Producer: Regina Heilmann