Sydney Festival

The Bear is nature and the Mayor is the disruptor, attempting to satiate a city of progress at the expense of the planet.  The Pied Piper remake by My Darling Patricia visions the piper as a bear who seems to be made of leaves.  The space is constructed with backlit, white strips of polyester into which I'm projecting forest landscape elements and variations on the spells of the revolutionary dance crusader performed by Ghenoa Gela.  In twenty scenes we are taken from the pure mystery of bushland to an industrial city made of puffy dough.  Most of the story is told as a psychological imaginary in which children (through wireless headphones) are privvy to the secrets of this bear of nature and the adults can only watch as their children play happily in the world which they have forgotten.

Sydney Festival, January 9th-19th 2013, CARRIAGEWORKS Bay 20