Friday, November 05, 2010


In Nightshifters, curated by Bec Dean I made 'The Cracks' - 7 small projections masked onto specific holes and features of the Carriageworks walls.   The abstract surface ‘characters’ of the cracks and holes of the western foyer of Carriageworks lie watching us silently, solidly, the wallflowers of the entertainment industry. I am cutting out the dream characters of the wall paint and morphing them into simple animations. This work samples these cloudgazed shapes and animates the brooding essence below.  Codified messages are passed on, through stencilled texts of the building and the coaxed friendships are engaged with the animistic suggestions of performer, Georgie Read.
Thurs 4- Sat 13 Nov, 8pm-11.30pm 
Performance Space @ Carraigeworks