Monday, August 11, 2008


Sorry to post yet another black and white picture.. can't seem to get colour into these projections! Tone and expressionism always seems to be stronger without the realism of video colour. Coming up is Peter Fraser's 'Tarkovsky's Horse' as part of '2 SOLOS' with Peter and Linda Luke, part of The Weather Exchange. Abstract, elusive, pure choreographic imagery by Peter blends into a flashing, pseudo super-8 front projection with great idiosyncratic sounds by Natasha Anderson.
Melbourne (Dancehouse 15th-17th Aug), Sydney (Campbelltown Arts Centre 21st-22nd Aug, Performance Space, 'Liveworks' 25th Aug-7th Sept)

Monday, August 04, 2008


Russell Milledge, Rebecca Youdell and Nick Mills invited us to the On Edge Festival in Cairns to do the 5th version of Improlab. Jim Denley, Amanda Stewart, Tess De Quincey and myself. With a new approach I poured dozens of mpeg videos captured in the space and the near surroundings into a modified, compacted digital setup, one small hdv camera firewired to Arkaos and the Numark mixer and crossed them with a single live feed of the present space. A relay between live and prerecorded. Each Mpeg went stale after only one day. Starting with uglier conceptual images in the first performance (tourist development and deconstructive shots of bumping in, running schedules, taxi receipts) and returning to a sanctuary of aesthetics on the third performance, burning together Tess's subtle movments, twisted vines, sprays of water, remnants of flooding, lichen, wind blown shadows, tiny fish in mud. That was us, tiny fish in the vast mangrove, on the edge of an infinite blank page.
On Edge Festival, Cairns @ JUTE Theatre, July 31st - August 2nd 2008.
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