FIGMENT Sydney Festival

This is a dance work about schizophrenia, again with Choreographer Narelle Benjamin. I imagined I would have unlimited imagery for a work about mental illness but no, there's a huge responsibility making a substantial work about it. It is attempted through multi planes of image making, then fracturing them together, based on a real person's experiences. Its important for an audience to see the whole picture to relate to the mental state, but its been a while since I've felt schizophrenic, so this work can only be an external view into a whole and complex existence. I am trying to think that we are all schizophrenic in our relationship with the urbanized world but I can't tell if I am in that state or have adapted and desensitized myself from it. Again we are using a black scrim front projection for states and ghostly presences and a rear projection onto a 2 x 1.5m One Way Mirror for positive and reflective psychic states. Its an example of a symbiotic expressionism in dance and projection that cannot be logically explained.
INTO @ Riverside Theatres 8-12th Jan,
The Studio Sydney Opera House 15-20th Jan 2007
Dancer: Kathryn Dunn
Sound: Huey Benjamin