Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quietly Collapsed

After almost 6 weeks this 3 minute video directed and performed by Rosie Dennis
is almost at the end of the tunnel. Its shot and edited on hdv, the process just able to eek out of my G5. Produced by the ABC and Channel 4 in the UK. New teams, numerous people in the chain of events, epileptic editing restrictions and grading limits... so complex, its back to the inefficiency of film and tv. I've become so used to getting up late and going to film some mpegs by myself and shifting images around randomly. Some of the editing in this was random, a lot of it was single frame adjustments left and right to get movements to jump cut nicely. Rosie made some radical edit shifts which made the sense of the choreography leap forward. For me, shooting in a brightly lit, brand new office building, its a film where there's nowhere for the filmmaker to hide. Everything is exposed, transparent and very 'video'. It is serving Rosie's quality of performance though I think, and taking it to a new place developed by chopped-up editing.