Saturday, July 15, 2006


At Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, De Quincey Company is making new developments of 'Improlab'. It is an artist residency supported by PICA and the Inter-Arts Fund. Tess de Quincey (dance), Amanda Stewart (vocals), and Jim Denley (wind instruments) with Sam James (live camera projections). There will be unofficial showings of the work at Club Zho and PICA. My work with Improlab is a re-visitation using live camera in performance, working without digital manipulation or any preconceived strategies in image making, except to intimately and intuitively mediate responses to sound, space and live bodies and resonate, as an equal and non-dominating element of live art. This could potentially be used as material to make dance films. I am scalping rough shoots off the wall to hopefully make a filmic compilation out of these totally one-off occurrences.